Unless I Text Him, I Really Don’t Hear from Him. Do I Make the Then Move?

Reader Question:

I am not sure what to do about he I sort of already been speaking with. We ended up hooking up with him on a drunken impulse.

We had been friendly whenever we noticed each other after, but the topic folks setting up never truly emerged.

Unless I text him, Really don't hear from him. He said he was sorry for not really conversing with me personally.

Personally I think like if he was truly curious, he'd make a lot more of an attempt. I understand he's good guy, but I just don't know how to proceed at this stage.

Would we try to make the second action or hold off to see if he attempts once more?

-Dim (Pennsylvania)

Dr. Wendy Walsh's Response:

Dear Dim,

I'm sorry to let you straight down, however you have lost the game right here. Research shows those who have gender within 1 month of conference have actually about a 90 % probability of not with each other one-year afterwards.

You may not trust the sexual double standard, but the majority guys carry out. Truly hardwired included from their anthropological last.

Any hunter whom hooked up with a promiscuous woman risked being required to invest valuable methods on another people's offspring.

Sadly, males believe there are two forms of women – some to have fun with and a few to court as really serious girlfriends. You inadvertently place your self in the first class inside the eyes.

Next time use your elegant capacity to get a grip on the speed on the sexual union. Put emotions and commitment initially and you will win the connection.

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